NewMesh Objects お座敷セット (Japanese livingroom set)

Normal Tatami Rug

さて、まずオマケから。(いきなりオマケなのも何ですが) This is a by-product of "Froating Tatami Rug".

TatamiRug4×2&2×2. 4×2Rug clone from 2×2rug, so footprint is as 2×2.
This is a rug to spread on the floor commonly. For each 9 SimOrion. download (4×2 & 2×2) 110KB

Froating Tatami Rug



This is the tatami rug which floated in the air. 8 SimOrion. download (4×2 & 2×2) 138KB

炬燵テーブル Kotatsu table & 座布団椅子 Zabuton chair

When it puts it commonly, it is a lower figure. I think that You cannot use it very much. When you use it with a froating tatami rug, it become the kotatsu.

When Sim eat, a body sinks into futon. When it watches TV and reading a book, it is a good feeling.

炬燵 download 394KB
座布団 download 193KB

縁台 Japanese wood bench

This is the sofa of 2 tiles and 3 tiles. It seem to fall down on a tatami mat when Sim doze. It's only it.

2タイル縁台 download 119KB
3タイル縁台 download 109KB

布団 Futon (Japanese thick bedquilts)

布団です。ベッドの枠をどけるだけだと、日本の布団にしては下が分厚いかなーと思って、マットにしてみました。本当は、もっと床に広がる感じにしたかったんだけど…ボーンが上手く設定できなくて_| ̄|○
This is futon. I thought whether a bottom was thick for Japanese futon when I moved the frame of the bed, so I spread mat.

single download 194KB
double download 536KB

I's All. It would be greatly appreciated if You enjoys it though it is useful only when the screen shot is taken.

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