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5 July 2012 >Rose
        Thank you for liking my CC!
        The futon was not usable by former version up. I made modifications, but did not upload it.
        As a result of having been promoted, I became very busy (the reality is cruel unlike the world of Sims!).
        Probably this is usable futon.When you like it, I am glad.

27 Dec 2011 >GreenDress
         Hi,I'm glad to say that You love my stuff. There is the dress which you want in the EAstore.
         You only change a pattern afterward.Hope you had a happy holiday!!

19 Apr 2011 > Xmas
         Christmas? why in this season? but, anyway, thank you!

21 Jan 2011 > request
         I read a message from you before attendance. It passed from your message about 6 hours,;
         but already the page was "404 Not found".Please use uploader to keep longer.
         …I think that you had better request it to the person who is better than me.

13 Jan 2011 >
         Thank you for leaving comment expressly!(I thank for it in particular having been done in easy English!)
         If your Sims life becomes rich by my MOD, I am very glad.

8 Dec 2010 >
         Thank you!
         I did not understand what it was said by a garbage first!
         …Google bar is terrible. I did not think that I translated it if I searched it as a garbage possibly….

20 Nov 2010 >I can't read japanese
        Sorry, sorry, I translate it into English if possible. (...It's the work of the automatic translation mainly)
        Thank you for praising my work!  I do my best in December.

10 Nov 2010 >Rose!

20 June 2010 >DevilHorn
         Though you requested it, does not you oneself download DevilHorn !?
         I thought that it was the comment of the requested person whom one in the clap .
         Thank you for comment expressly!
         TheSims is a good game that wants to do at a certain intervals and play it.

16 Apr 2010 >Gargoyles Wing
         You like it, and I am glad.
         I looked for an animated cartoon in Youtube for reference, but did not understand the story at all
          because it was English. Though the Japanese edition should appear, too.

15 Apr 2010 >APH
        There is not update of the blog after having said that she "studies more".
        And the answer to me is not accomplished again, too.
        Therefore I am not understanding whether I may link. If it is got permission, I link. Please wait.
        Postscript. 22 Apr.
        I got her permission! Because I linked from the APH page, please confirm it. A good trip!

10 Apr 2010 >LongTail & AngelWing
        What kind of thing is "Tail" which you say? Is it a cat? Is it the devil? Or is it reptiles?
        And is the angel wing different from the accessary of RoseSims?
        I want the image if you have a firm character image.
        Otherwise the thing which perhaps you hope for will not be provided.

10 Apr 2010 >APH
        I'm sorry for delaying in answering.
        In fact, I was able to refer for whether I might link to there because I knew the blog which made a German uniform.
        However, she withdrew it , saying that "I want to make the more perfect one".
        Still, I thought that it is earlier that she makes it than I make, and wait, please.

5 Apr 2010 >Alice
        I know Superdollfie, too! I cannot buy SD in fact because I have allergy to resincast.
        I stored the photograph of the type that you liked.
        Because I play a other game, now, please do not really expect it.

4 Apr 2010 >LolitaFasion
        Yes, I love Lolita fashion.
        Of course myself am not age worn them !  I love that a product helps my dolls put on Lolita dress.
        However, what I can make is not equal to what I love.
        Mesh and Bone setting of clothes are very troublesome. It is necessary for the mesh to make 3 of
        what gain weight in what is thin and normal it. (It is ..fat Lolita fashion ? Oh..terrible!)
        It is greatly easier for me to make the object. Still, it is likely to make some time. For a personal challenge.
        Then, it is not immediately. You will not expect it.

2 Apr 2010 >Claeric
         Yes, I think that my wing is too big.
         Because it was sent the picture of the animated cartoon called the Gargoyles
          "wanted you to make such a wing", I made it while watching it.
         It is obstructive in life when there is such a wing.(;´Д`)
         You can resize it freely. Thank you for contacting it.
         By the way, Your small world(Create A sim) is useful for me. Thank you.I love your creations,too!

29 Mar 2010 >without the horns
          I added the one of your hope, and look, please.
          I thought since I made it, but should have made it from NOT ring ?

29 Mar 2010 >Lani
          It is not necessary to be worried about you alone.
          Because I ignorant of the history and the culture of China am bad.
          … Though I cannot say that I am well versed in the culture of Japan.
          I buy the book of the clothes of each country to sew the clothes of the doll, but cannot make it well
          only by after all having watched a picture.
          Perhaps though most of foreign people will not know that the side of the Japanese kimono is open.
          You make a Chinese thing. Let's do its best each other!

28 Mar 2010 >Lani
          I'm sorry if I misunderstand it. Are you telling it to make me the CC of China?
          If it is so, it doesn't affix it to the expectation.
          The Japanese kimono of the doll is made for cost reduction recently in China, too (I am Doll collector).
          However, the kimono fits roughly, but it is a thing with some sense of incongruity.
          It is a thing same as it.
          If I made a Chinese CC, there will be only a thing with the sense of incongruity if a Chinese looks.
          After all Chinese may make Chinese things better.
          The reason is because I have a hard time to make even a Japanese thing!

24 Mar 2010 >Cat tail
          I do not keep a cat.
          Therefore I chose the tail of the thickness that I liked while I watched an image.
          To be frank, please forgive it because I think that the tail becomes distorted not only thin if I reduce simply.
          In addition, I think that there is a thin tail in other MOD.

14 Mar 2010 >Jordoosims
          This is the plan that seems to be interesting!
          Please use my stuff if good. Though I am to be slightly shameful!
          I'm sorry I was going to leave comment your page, I was refused in what there was not with a login member.
          Will you notice here? (Notice it!)  In addition, I am a woman.

3 Mar 2010 >Lani
         Wow I'm sorry ! Because it was the accessories of Japanese comics, I wrote it only in Japanese.
         Still, it was so at the time of cat ear, I updated it, and there was reaction within one hour and was surprised.
          Will your patrol time and my update time be just correct? (^_^)
         Thank you very much for comment!

17 Feb 2010 >Lani
         I am glad for you to like Cat tail & ear. I was happy to make there!

11 Feb 2010 >Cat tail
         Thanks for clapping & comment !
         Cat tail...ok,don't you need the cat ear? ...Oh, I make it because I want it!

20 Jan 2010 >
         Thanks for clapping & comment !
         The clothes of the old fashion increased recently. If my hair is useful, I am happy.

12 Jan 2010 >
         Sorry I do NOT make hair for male. The hair which I made was not suitable for male.
         I will do it to use for male in future when I made the hair which even a male matches.

31 Dec 2009 >:P
         Thanks for clapping! I'm Japanese, but I live in the European-style house not a Japanese house when I say honestly.
         However, I'm glad if I can introduce a Japanese thing towards other countries.
         It's not possible to update easily but I'm happy If you come again.

24 Dec 2009 >arigato
          Are you the one that requested a horn?I am glad if you liked it!

21 Dec 2009 >gargoyle
          Thanks for your plain English.
          I'm glad you like my objects, but I do not have time to make an objects of Christmas.
          Creators in the world make a wonderful MOD! But only a Japanese makes, the Japanese object.
          Therefore I intend to make the article of the Japanese New Year objects.
          By the way, a gargoyle wing……Biiiiiiiiig ! Big wings ! Wings sink into a bed when Sim sleep !
          I watch Youtube……Yes,I like it. It's wonderful if I can move a wing. But please wait till the New Year begins.

15 Nov 2009 >Mr(Miss?)Horn
          Wow! I's good to ask you! It was different that I imaged. Please wait a little.
          My image →

11 Nov 2009 >comment AM9(JapaneseTime)
           Thanks for clapping!
           I make ZASHIKI set (forJapanese living room) now. And I receive another request(Roll hair without hat).
           So the horns which you hope for becomes it next.
           Meanwhile, please teach more detailed hope.
           Does the ear cover it? Is the horn straight? Or arch? Is it an outward arrow?In? etc.etc...
            If there is an image, it is better.

21 Oct 2009 >comment AM3(JapaneseTime)
           Thank you very much for comment!  I was encouraged by you!
           …I am slightly ashamed. I do my best more.